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Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory

Research Projects - Archive

(The webpages in this arhive have been created using old web publishing tools. To view all the movies in the links below, please use Internet Explorer)

Electrokinetic Flows and On-Chip CE and Sample Preconcentration

Integrating ITP with Functionalized Hydrogels for High-Sensitivity microRNA Detection

ITP Physics and Experimental Methodology

Extraction of DNA from Malaria-Infected Blood

Understanding the Effect of Advective Dispersion on Peak Mode Isotachophoresis

Coupling Isotachophoresis and Capillary Electrophoresis using Bidirectional Isotachophoresis

Novel Assays and Portable Instrument for Label-free Toxin Detection

A self-priming, roller-free, miniature, peristaltic pump operable with a single, reciprocating actuator

High-Sensitivity Isotachophoretic Stacking CE Devices

Indirect Detection Using Mobility Markers

Modeling and High-Resolution Simulation of Nonlinear Electrophoresis

On-chip Device for Isothermal, Chemical Cycling Polymerase Chain Reaction (ccPCR)

Concentration Polarization at Microchannel-Nanochannel Interfaces

Femtomole, Microsecond Mixers for Protein Folding Kinetics

Electrokinetic Bioanalytical Systems: Introduction and Design

Electrokinetic Flow Instabilities: Physics, Modeling, and Experiments
Optimization of On-Chip Field Amplified Sample Stacking
Optimization of On-Chip Isotachophoresis
Electrokinetic Separation by Ion Valence (EKSIV)
Thermal Gradient Focusing
Microbarcodes for Multiplexed Binding Assays
Optimization of Microfluidic Systems
Study of Microchannels with Non-Uniform Zeta Potentials
Isoelectric Focusing for Multi-dimensional Separations in Microfludic Devices
Electrokinetic Band Crossing

Fuel Cells and Micropumps

Porous Glass Electroosmotic Pumps for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Electroosmotic Pumps for Water Removal

EElectroosmotic Pumps for Drug Delivery

Silicon Based Electroosmotic Pumping for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells

Porous glass Electroosmotic Pump

Development of a Planar Electroosmotic Micropump

Development of Electroosmotic Pumps for Electronics Cooling Applications

Micromixing and Electrokinetic Instabilities

Electrokinetic Instability in Microflows With Conductivity Gradients      

Electrokinetic Instability Micromixing      

Electrokinetic Instability in Microflows

Particle Tracking and Flow Diagnostics

Caged-Fluorescence Imaging
Bleached-Fluorescence Imaging
Micron-Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry (and mPIV resource page)          
Micron-Resolution Particle Tracking Velocimetry