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Stanford University

Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory

Group Pictures - Recent

Gordon Research Conference 2011

(L-R) Giancarlo Garcia-Schwarz, Prof. Juan G. Santiago, Dr. Moran Bercovici"

New Mechanical Engineering website 2009

From the new Stanford ME website: "Graduate student Daniel Strickland shows Professor Juan G. Santiago the modifications he has implemented into a hydrogen fuel cell experiment."

Holiday Party 2008

Back row (left to right): John Ramunas, Ray Sierra, Tom Zangle, Elia Junco, Dan Strickland, Takashi Matsumura.
Front row (left to right): Moran Bercovici, Juan Santiago, Matt Suss, Denitsa Milanova

Holiday Party 2007

Back row (left to right): Ray Sierra, Elia Junco, Hyuk-min Kwon, John Ramunas, Shawn Litster, Dan Strickland, Takashi Matsumura, Tom Zangle
Front row (left to right): Moran Bercovici, Juan Santiago, Matt Suss, Alexandre

Sailing with Juan - December 2007

Right to left: Captiain Juan steering the ship while thinking about how many more papers should Tom write by the end of the year.


Left to right: Byoungsok and Rajiv working hard on solving some non-compressible Navier-Stokes problems.


Visit to Ebara Corporation - Fujisawa, Japan, Mar 2008

Left to right: Juan Santiago, Rob Chambers, Dan Strickland, Probably Matt Suss (hidden), Shawn Litster, Alexandre Persat (still hungry), (skip one), (skip one), (half of) Cullen Buie, Moran Bercovici, (skip one), Tom Zangle, (skip one)


Back row (Left to right): Moran Bercovici, Dan Strickland, Matt Suss, Shawn Litster, Cullen Buie, Juan Santiago, Rob ‘Pop the Collar’ Chambers, Tomoyuki Morita

Front row (Left to right): Tom Zangle, Hyuk-min Kwon, Alexandre Persat, (skip one)

Juan's Birthday - June 2008

Left to right: Alex, Juan cutting his birthday cake, Moran worried about the future of the cake