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News and Media Highlights

Purigen Biosystems receives Series A funding!

May, 2016: Purigen Biosystems receives Series A funding. This company aims to commercialize DNA purification and quantitation technologies invented by our lab and was co-founded by Professor Santiago. Article on genomeweb » Purigen Biosystems »

Congratulations to Yatian Qu!

May, 2016: Our group member Yatian Qu won 1st place poster presentation in The 2nd Stanford Mechanical Engineering Conference!

How to reduce energy consumption in CDI?

May, 2016: Feature by CDI & electrosorption website. Yatian Qu's publication in Environmental Science & Technology on resistance characterization of capacitive deionization systems. Article on CDI & electrosorption»

Congratulations to Charbel Eid!

Our group member Charbel Eid won prestigious and competitive Lieberman Fellowship from Stanford University! Kudos, Charbel!

Congratulations to Prof. Tom Zangle!

Our group alumnus Tom Zangle who recently began an assistant professorship at UCLA in the department of Bioengineering!Check his group's website here »

Review of the use of ITP for purification of nucleic acids!

March, 2013: Haddad, P.R. Editorial on" Purification of nucleic acids using isotachophoresis", by Anita Rogacs, Lewis A. Marshall and Juan G. Santiago, Journal of chromatography. A 2014.Read More »

Lab alumnus Prof. Chuan-Hua Chen earned tenure at Duke University. Congratulations!

Our group alumnus Chuan-Hua Chen recently be promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Sciences, Duke University. Check his group's website here »

Congratulations to Prof. Supreet Bahga!

Our group alumnus Supreet Bahga recently joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT Delhi as Assistant Professor. Check out a link to his lab: »
Supreet is the 15th alumnus from our group to become a professor at a major university!

Turning on the water works!

June, 2013: Editorial on desalination techniques, published on International Innovation magazine. Prof. Juan Santiago and Dr. Michael Stadermann led the discussion on capacitive water desalination technology.Read More »
(International Innovation is the leading global dissemination resource for the wider scientific, technology and research communities, dedicated to disseminating the latest science, research and technological innovations on a global level. More information and a complimentary subscription offer to the publication can be found at:

Water desalination system works up to several times faster than others

Aug, 2012: Feature by and Environment Progresson Matt Suss' publication in Energy & Environmental Science on capacitive desalination. Article on» Article on Environment Progress»

RNA gets special treatment to remove it from blood

Jul, 2012: Coverage,from C&EN, of Anita Rogacs' Anal. Chem. paper on "Bacterial RNA Extraction and Purification from Whole Human Blood Using Isotachophoresis" Read More »

2nd Prize: UMichigan Micro/Nano Simulation Contest

Jan, 2012: Supreet Bahga received 2nd prize at UMichigan NNIN/C Modelling and Simulation Contest for his work on opensource simulation tool for nonlinear electrokinetic processes.Read More »

Toxin Detection, in the palm of your hand

Feb, 2010: Research Profile, Analytical Chemistry. Read More »

Free, open-source software enables innovation with popular but tricky lab technique

Feb, 2009: Our open-source simulation tool for nonlinear electrophoresis featured in Read More »

New software refines popular but tricky lab technique

Feb, 2010: Our open-source simulation tool for nonlinear electrophoresis featured in Chromatography Techniques. Read More »