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Stanford University

Stanford Microfluidics Laboratory

Micron-Resolution Particle Image Velocimetry (Micro-PIV)

Introduction and Review
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Micro-PIV applications to electrokinetically-driven flows
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Micro-PIV Interrogation Algorithms
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Micro-PIV Seed Particles
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Links to some university labs that use micro-PIV
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Texas A & M Micro-Scale Fluidics and Heat Transport Laboratory

University of Tokyo Microflow Laboratory

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Georgia Tech Fluids, Optical and Interfacial Diagnostics Laboratory

TU Delft Westerweel Laboratory

Eric Cummings @ Sandia National Laboratory

David Clague @ Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Ron Adrian @ UIUC

Ken Kiger @ University of Maryland

Doug Hart @ MIT

Penn State Microscale Flow Laboratory

Iowa State Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Caltech Quantitative Imaging Laboratory